• Mathematics Lab.
  • Natural Science Lab.
  • Social Science Lab.
  • Psychology Lab.
  • Computer Lab.
  • Language Lab.
  • Arts & Craft Resource Centre, Health & Physical Education Resource Centre (Yoga Education).

Mathematics Laboratory:

Purpose: To make the learning of mathematics more interactive and practical.

Equipment: Mathematical models, charts, graphs, and various teaching aids to illustrate mathematical concepts.

Science Laboratory:

Purpose: To facilitate the teaching and learning of science subjects.

Equipment: Apparatus for physics, chemistry, and biology experiments, along with models, specimens, and other resources to demonstrate scientific concepts.

Social Science Laboratory:

Purpose: To support the teaching of subjects like history, geography, and civics.

Resources: Maps, charts, globes, artifacts, and other materials to make social science lessons more engaging.

Psychology Laboratory:

Purpose: To conduct experiments and exercises related to educational psychology.

Equipment: Psychological tests, measuring instruments, teaching aids, and materials for understanding human behavior and learning processes.

Computer Laboratory:

Purpose: To enhance digital literacy and technological skills.

Facilities: Computers, internet connectivity, educational software, and multimedia resources for creating teaching materials and simulations.

Language Laboratory:

Purpose: To improve language proficiency and communication skills.

Facilities: Audio-visual equipment, language learning software, and recording facilities for language practice and enhancement.